Workshop on Data and Knowledge-driven healthcare process improvement

Regional and National data registries allows monitoring the outcome of the healthcare given to patients with the aim generate valuable knowledge in order to improve healthcare at a population level.

Digital healthcare transformation allows the collection of both operational and health outcomes providing with the opportunity to improve healthcare already at point-of-care level. 

Different platforms, methodologies and services combining IT infrastructure, data analytics and process optimization strategies are raising and it is actually difficult to discern what is just a wish from what is actually possible to implement nowadays.

Who should attend the Workshop?

Hospital managers, clinicians, medical management and informatics experts as well as representatives of EIT Health partners, in particular those with specific expertise and interested in healthcare improvement driven by Digital Transformation. 

What can you expect from the Workshop?

The speakers will present needs, opportunities and current successful implementations of digital transformation in process healthcare improvement. 

Date, time and place

Date: 25thof November
Time:9:00 – 13:00
Place:Jan Lindsten A4:04 New Karolinska Solna

Workshop organized by 


Data & Knowledge enabling VBHC
Prof. Jan HazelzetErasmus Medical Center

Process mining for quality improvement
Sara Dahlin, Center for Healthcare Improvement, 
Chalmers University of Technology

Process Mining in the Emergency Department
Björn af Ugglas, Karolinska University Hospital

Interactive process mining: Insights about triage and attention in stroke patient care
Carlos Fernandez Llatas, PhD. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

The power of data to improve value in healthcare!
Stijn Schretlen,Medtronic

Benchmarking of clinical outcomes and costs for quality improvement
Johan Mesterton, Ivbar Institute


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